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"When I meet and interact with our global young leaders, I see a successful, fruitful, and vast future.  I sleep well at night by knowing that our world is in great hands due to these creative, energetic, and bold young leaders."
- Dave Butler


Dave Butler is the founder of the former Safe Haven Project, Inc., and founder and current Executive Director of Youth Futures International. At Safe Haven, hundreds of children and teens living with HIV were provided loving and empowering camp experiences to improve their social well-being and to have a ‘Safe Haven’ for at least two weeks a year during their difficult lives.


At Youth Futures International, high achieving and exceptionally motivated high school and college students attend programs in Ghana (West Africa), India, Cuba, and the United Kingdom, where they implement educational, sports leadership, community service, and public health initiatives to increase the overall level of wellness in the community. YFI has a goal of ‘maximizing young people’s potential to become successful future global leaders’.


Over the past 25 years, as a professionally trained and experienced educator, Dave Butler has had the privilege of having students in his life and work from all parts of the world. As a professional educator, Mr. Butler has served as an administrator, athletic director, and dean of students at various schools in Massachusetts and North Dakota. Due to his experience as a professional educator, he understands the ‘workings’ and needs of school systems and as such he is able to enter any school and make a difference while understanding the educational system.


Lead Amercia-Los Angeles UCLA Fall 2012:

Various students:

“He inspired me and made me feel like I should never quit”

“I really wish more speakers were like him. He really did inspire me and make me feel motivated again!”

“He helped me understand I have a voice!”, “I shouldn’t wait and think things will happen, but instead take them into my own hands!”


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