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"I would go anywhere in the world with UMI. I would. No questions asked."


- Simron Balyan


2014, 2015, and 2016 UMI Alumna from California

WARNING: Due to the nature of the UMI program, videos and pictures may contain graphic medical images that may disturb some viewers.

The Ultimate Med Immersion® Experience

Health care practitioners of all stripes are in short supply throughout the world, not just in the U.S. And the process of obtaining required education is time-consuming, competitive, academically challenging, and expensive. As such, we give high school students a good look at what awaits them so that they may be better prepared and sure of the direction they wish to go. We also give college students a similar clinical experience as a means to motivate them further in the pursuit of the goals they have already set in motion.

​Many of our former students have raved about how their UMI experience has helped them get into college or graduate programs and medical schools. Of course, YFI has no sway over admissions departments, but we like to believe that a student can stand apart from the crowd by taking part in the UMI. But we are extremely proud that several College UMI students have been accepted into medical schools, with some already having their first year under their belt. One high school UMI student from our first year operating UMIs has been recently admitted to medical school. Others have been accepted into nursing schools and programs, and one young high school student got accepted into a premier public school in her state where she'll complete her last two years of high school. The common denominator is that all of these UMI alumni featured their UMI experience in their applications and interviews. We just can't say for sure that's the reason they got in.

Alyson Jett, Old Dominion University

I would say, absolutely, go on this trip. Whether you're the doctor, you're the nurse, you get to see things you will never ever see.

Takara Richard, PA

Going on the UMI is one of the best opportunities you can go on if you want to go into a medical career.

Rocio Dunlap, TX

UMI was the greatest experience I've had so far in my life.

The vast majority of schools in the U.S. require students, especially those in high school, to perform a certain number of community service hours before graduating. As a nonprofit organization, YFI is able to sign off on forms schools and school districts have for verifying those hours (all forms from around the country YFI has certified for students who have participated in its programs have stated that organizations must be nonprofit).

The Ultimate Med Immersion® program includes 20 service hours for its high school programs.




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