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About the UMI

WARNING: Due to the nature of the UMI program, videos and pictures may contain graphic medical images that may disturb some viewers.


Shadow Doctors

Gain insight into various specialties and departments as you shadow doctors in hospital and community clinic settings.


Live Surgery

Watch surgery being performed while standing in operating rooms or observation rooms as you see surgeons and their team do their work.


Community Health

Community Health is very important to the overall well-being of populations. Observe doctors in community health clinics as they educate patients on ways to get healthy and keep healthy.

Youth Futures International created this dynamic opportunity in 2014. Though we began the program in the Philippines, we moved it to India in 2015 due to the high interest in holding the program there. 2018 was our first summer operating in China, and our UMI students were amazed. YFI will also be holding UMIs throughout the calendar year, generally coinciding with major school holidays. UMI programs will be limited in group size at each location and program date to allow for an intimate experiential environment for all.

The UMI was originally created under the title of "Ultimate Med Internship" and due to input from the medical communities we work with, we have renamed it "Ultimate Med Immersion". It's still the same exact program, just a slightly different name - a name that is now proudly trademarked in the U.S. by Youth Futures International, Inc.

“I wanted to thank you and share with you a success story (I am sure one of many) that is a testament of the success of your program. As you know Christian was an alumnus of the Philippines UMI last year. The experience was highly impactful in Christian’s life in not only strengthening his interest in medicine, but in directly contributing to his success in admission to University. The Philippines experience was a major topic of his college application essays and a major topic of discussion in interviews he was invited to for direct entry programs into medical school from high school. His experience in the UMI was very unique and more intensive compared to shadowing experiences in the US, and I think really made him stand out among the applicant pool. Among other offers, he was admitted to Johns Hopkins, North Eastern Ohio Medical University (a direct entry 6-year medical program), Vanderbilt, and Washington University. He has accepted the offer from Washington University St. Louis, where he was one of only eight accepted into their University Scholars Program in Medicine (and direct entry acceptance in their medical school provided he maintains good grades a an undergraduate). My intention in writing this is not to brag about Christian, but to really thank you for your program and highlight the uniqueness of your program and how it can really contribute directly to a student’s success. In my opinion, I think it is really worth the cost, and I hope you will expand your program to offer it to a larger number of students in the future.”

Sherif Farag, M.B.B.S., Ph.D.

Parent of two UMI Alumni and Associate Director of Clinical Research at the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center

See and Experience Local Cultures

The vast majority of schools in the U.S. require students, especially those in high school, to perform a certain number of community service hours before graduating. As a nonprofit organization, YFI is able to sign off on forms schools and school districts have for verifying those hours (all forms from around the country YFI has certified for students who have participated in its programs have stated that organizations must be nonprofit).

The Ultimate Med Immersion® program includes 20 service hours for its high school programs.

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