Maximizing young leaders' potential to impact their world through public health, education, and sports initiatives

Experience YFI

"I have sent my daughter on various programs and for the money spent and what she got out of this program, it was the best money we ever spent on our daughter."

—  Doug Neal

Parent of 2013 Ghana Team Member Madison Neal
Creating Opportunities to Maximize Potential

Youth Futures International is dedicated to creating and providing opportunities for young people to maximize their potential. As YFI Executive Director Dave Butler states: "It is my great honor to have the opportunity to serve as a motivational speaker to high school and college students from all over the world. It is an even greater honor to work with them to see their lives become more fulfilled, and to see areas of our world improve due to their creativity, passion, and dedication."

"I would go anywhere in the world with UMI. I would. No questions asked."

—  Simron Balyan

2014, 2015, and 2016 Ultimate Med Immersion Alumna from California
Life-Changing Hands-On Experience

At Youth Futures International, students participate in hands-on public health, education, medical, and sports initiatives created to both maximize their potential as young leaders and to create sustainable improvements where they will serve.

"Being part of the Youth Futures International Ghana team was the most amazing experience I've ever had and I will never forget it. I loved being able to work with people from all over the world, and make a difference in their communities. Everything from the culture to the community forums was spectacular.  I've missed everyone on the team and everyone I met in the communities."

—  Margaret Anderson

2013 Ghana Team Member from Minnesota
Realize Your Future Vision

Youth Futures International is dedicated to standing by our global young leaders by supporting and assisting them so that their vision for the future is realized. Due to the opportunities YFI staff members have to meet and interact with these wonderful young people, it has the unique opportunity to have all of our programs, regardless of location, be inspired to open as a direct result of their vision and leadership. We are proud to work alongside youth and young adults from the initial vision of a program to its creation and implementation.

"If you're considering going on this program, I think you should stop considering and just make the leap forward. I definitely think it is one of the experiences that has changed my life. I definitely felt like YFI got me in soccer shape and soccer ready with skills. Having better touches on the ball when I came in really helped show to my coach I was ready for the college experience."

—  Kaylin Goncalves

2016 YFI Soccer Participant
You Are the Teachers and Leaders

As a YFI participant in our Serve, Learn, & Empower or Leadership Through Sportsmanship Program, you will experience first hand leadership opportunities through the various student led, mentor supervised activities we offer. Whether it is teaching cholera prevention in Ghana or working with inner city at-risk youth in in our baseball and soccer programs, you are the teachers and leaders for the community you will be serving.

"I would say, absolutely, go on this trip. Whether you're the doctor, you're the nurse, you get to see things you will never ever see."

—  Alyson Jett

Winter 2016 College UMI Alumna from Old Dominion University
A+ Alumni & Parent Feedback

Youth Futures International is proud to report a 100% successful completion rate, A+ feedback from all of our alumni in regards to their program experience, as well as A+ feedback from alumni parents in regards to overall organizational communication, preparation, and safety and security standards and policies.




The vast majority of schools in the U.S. require students, especially those in high school, to perform a certain number of community service hours before graduating. As a nonprofit organization, YFI is able to sign off on forms schools and school districts have for verifying those hours (all forms from around the country YFI has certified for students who have participated in its programs have stated that organizations must be nonprofit). Most YFI programs do have a service component to them, though they vary in total number of hours (programs range from 20-80 hours of service).

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